Collecting, Working and Handling Geospatial Data and Projects in a professional and #Digital manner
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Our platform leverages the existince of technology, networking and the internet to deliver the best tools, applications and set of resources for the modern #Surveyor

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Manage your survey work, records and projects in a well fashioned manner.

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See where your business is headed while you work and earn more.

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Why waste time looking for control points on the ground when you can navigate there easily?

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Our apps and tools have been made for the Zimbabwean by a Zimbabwean team for a Zimbabwean community

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Keep all your work in one space. Your go to place for tools, apps and survey related help

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Our team is here to assist you through the process of becoming a digital transformative and adaptive Land Surveyor



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MySurveyor is a set of digital tools and applications can be used by Land-Surveyors, Land-Survey-Technicians and Students in Zimbabwe to carry out their work in a digital, smart and organized manner